Smart Reader HD



The Smart Reader HD is a lightweight, portable reader/scanner with large built-in user friendly tactile control buttons.

A fully integrated solution, the Smart Reader HD offers the advantage of a built-in HD camera and OCR (optical character recognition). Smart Reader HD enables individuals with low vision to retain the pleasure of reading by listening along or by attaching a monitor to view the text. Users are able to view in color, enhanced high-contrast positive or negative modes, allowing for higher contrasts and easier viewing. With easy-to-use buttons and dials, customers can enlarge or reduce the text in seconds and change viewing options for easier visibility.

Smart Reader HD Features:

  • Position document and in seconds Smart Reader begins reading aloud

  • Ideal for reading magazines, books, newspapers, etc.

  • Built-in speaker offers premium audio quality

  • Over 20 languages available with high-quality natural male or female voices

  • Large tactile control buttons

  • Built-in 8 hour rechargeable battery

  • Attach headphone for privacy

  • Connect to any desktop monitor or TV (HDMI and DVI) to enlarge image and follow along

  • Optimize contrast and brightness with over 30 color modes available

  • Easy image scan, save and recall

  • Import/Export document feature through USB port